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The new face of failure

Prettier and younger but not any better off.

23 March 1988
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Where Eagles Dare
The Girl

Jade (n.)
1. Impulsive.
2. A unique individual with an interesting outlook on life.
3. A girl with a troubled past seeking retribution for her sins.
4. Your best friend and your worst nightmare.
The Journal

This journal was created as an outlet for everything that takes place in my life. This is not a popularity contest, merely a way for me to vent.

If you are offended easily, please turn away now. If not, feel free to add me.
Her Friends

Friends have always been a prominant figure in my life. I care for them more than I have ever cared about family. Whether I know them in real life, or they're the people I have met via LiveJournal, they are very important to me and I hope to hold them close for the rest of my life.

I love you guys.
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